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Basement Repair

foam boards are installed before applying waterproofing membrane to insulate the exterior foundation wall

Repairing a basement particularly a basement with major water damage is going to be key towards keeping a foundation and hence a home in decent shape. Of course, the first thing that we’re going to need to do is to come in and assess the damage. A lot of times when we arrive to provide these types of services we’re faced with an area with some type of water damage. In other cases, we’re already seeing structural damage as well. We have a process that we go through to be able to address these types of issues. We want to talk about the process on this page to give you a better idea of how we work.

Do You Suspect That You Have Damage?

There are a couple of signs that you could be in some trouble. Moisture spots and water are always going to be things to watch out for. Again, it doesn’t mean that if you see this you have to be overly alarmed. It’s just a good idea that when you see cracks and other types of things that you give us a call and allow us to come in and have a look.

Water Damage Help

Speaking of moisture spots and water, when you have this type of problem the first thing that we need to do is find the source of the damage. Particularly where the moisture is filtering through. Once we get that done and we are sure that no more water damage is going to be showing up on the surface we can take the next step to waterproof or repaint and essentially bring everything back to the basement area that was there before we had to put in the work.

Can Mold Lead To Structural Damage?

Yes and no, an excessive amount of certain types of fungi can wear down all sorts of structures to the point where they are going to be literally falling apart. Strictly speaking, the common types of mold that we can find in homes is not known to be able to tear down particular structures. The presence of mold though can also welcome the presence of other types of pests and fungi in general. In short, there is no reason to want to keep high levels of moisture that can develop mold. Once mold has developed it’s always going to be a good idea to have it removed.

What We Can Actually Do To Repair Your Basement

Once we can be sure that there is no more water flowing through we can help you restore floors, walls, insulation materials, and virtually everything in between. As we mentioned when we go in to try and stop the water flow and check the integrity of the structure we don’t really know what type of “damage” we may even be doing to the area. Once we’re done though we can take steps to ensure that we’re able to restore the area and even make it look better than before.

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