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House Leveling Service

house under foundation repair

We’ve said on other pages on the site that a house leveling service is essentially the most extensive type of procedure that we could potentially perform. We want to amend this a little bit. If we are proposing a house leveling procedure that doesn’t mean that your home is necessarily almost unsalvageable. Many times we need to be able to lift the structure to add extra support. Here are a couple of questions that people tend to have about this service. If you have a specific doubt about how we work we urge you to give us a call or contact us.

Can All Types of House Be Leveled?

Generally yes, the thing is there are going to be some projects that are certainly going to be more challenging and more costly than others. When you run into a situation where the type of work to essentially restore the home is overly costly and extensive you could start having conversations about it being not worth it to want to salvage the property.

What Can I Expect From The Service?

When we decide that we’ll be moving forward with a house leveling service it’s because we’ve deemed that the procedure is viable. Therefore, we should be able to even out the house and in many ways wipe out the structural problems that the property has. Many times, after leveling floors and walls inside the house may need to be repaired because they were most likely damaged as the house or the building in question begins to sink in different sides. What we mean by this is that if we’re going to go ahead with this service it’s because we believe that we can restore the building to its former state.

Is The House Going To Be Uninhabitable While The Procedure Is Going On?

Not necessarily, a lot of times people think that in home leveling we’re going to be lifting your home a couple of feet. Usually, the issue is going to be a matter of inches. If you let things get too much out of hand we can explore different solutions. There are probably certain things that we would have to do that could without a doubt disturb your regular activities. If the disturbances are too great you could opt to leave your home for a short period of time.

Can My Insurance Company Pay For This?  

There are going to be some insurance companies that are certainly going to be able to pay for our services. If you’re not sure it would be a good idea to check your home insurance policy to see what you’re covered for. On our end, we can say that we’ve worked with many different types of insurance companies in the past. We’ve been paid by the insurance company directly, other times our clients had to be reimbursed. We’ve helped people file their claims to be reimbursed. Give us a call and we’ll be able to go over all of the possibilities with you.

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